T-shirt en coton bio. Série limitée sérigraphié à la main par TALE, marque artisanale et responsable

Urban poetry

A personal, graphic and timeless style 

Organic cotton t-shirts, original hand-screened clothing and accessories

TALE is an artisanal and responsible brand that offers casual and graphic fashion.

Handcrafted because TALE takes care of everything:

The design of the models :  we design and develop them by giving priority to the cut, the quality of the materials and the comfort.

The visuals  : we create our own visuals with pure graphics that are inspired by nature and its bestiary.


Manufacturing : The t-shirts and sweatshirts are made in Portugal in a family business, and we make the bobs and bags ourselves in our workshop in Paris.

Screen printing : we screen all the pieces by hand, one by one, in our workshop in Paris.

Responsible because TALE:

Prefer "little" to "too much". We offer a limited range of products, manufactured and screen printed in limited series. To vary the proposals, but also to make them unique.

Emphasizes quality to make its products essential over the long term.

Uses, for the manufacture of its bobs and bags, fabric from unsold stocks of the great Parisian fashion houses.

The sweatshirts and t-shirts are made from GOTS certified organic cotton, a label that guarantees the absence of chemicals and pesticides, the reduction of water consumption, but also the social protection of workers.

TALE does not follow the trends or the seasons, but claims an attitude and a style of its own.

Discover the unique and very graphic pieces resulting from TALE's collaboration with the artist Anto.

T-shirt sérigraphié et peint à la main- Tale-paris

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Where are TALE clothing and accessories made?

We design and finalize the design of our t-shirts and sweatshirts.

We first looked for a French manufacture, but the quantity of parts to order was not compatible with the size of our structure.

We have found a family-run factory in the north of Portugal, which responds to our values and gives us complete satisfaction in terms of quality.

We have also developed our bob and bag models and make them ourselves in our workshop in Paris.

Finally, TALE is a craft company that likes to do things with their own hands. This is why we take care of all the screen printing and embroidery part ourselves.


Can we talk about a responsible brand?

Is producing really responsible? TALE has made its choice prefers to use the term “ reasonable ”.

We prefer to produce little, but well.

Our t-shirts, sweatshirts and t-sweaters are made from GOTS certified organic cotton.

Our bobs and bags are made from fabrics from the dormant stocks of the great Parisian fashion houses.

For our screen printing, we use water-based inks certified OEKO-TEX, a label that guarantees the absence of toxic products for the environment and for the skin.

Finally, we work on a limited range of products that we screen in small series , to regularly offer new designs and new colors.

To offer you an original product in the “exclusive” sense.

For an original and unique product.

What is special about a TALE t-shirt or bob?

Our bobs , bags , t-shirts , sweatshirts and t-sweaters are basic, but their designs are unique to the brand.

We attach great importance to the fit of our models and the materials we use. The cut meets our desire for a simple, casual and elegant style and the materials meet our quality requirements. The weight and the hold of a fabric give allure and attitude to a garment.

But what really sets TALE apart are its graphic and original visuals highlighted by the techniques of screen printing and embroidery.

The screen printing allows us to make beautiful flat colors and the embroidery allows us to put our visual creatures in relief with delicacy .

Handcrafted , its techniques make each piece a unique and original model.

For an urban, timeless and very personal style.

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